Saturday, November 20, 2021

“The Big Misconception About Electricity”, as to how your power company really works


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Veritasium has an important video explaining how AC power from your utility really works, 14 min, Nov 19, 2021, “The Big Misconception About Electricity”.  Energy doesn't flow in wires; it is induced. 

A lot of the discussion concerns the 3-D mathematics of the Poynting Vector, the mathematics of which was developed in the 1880s.

He also offers a quiz question about how long it will take a light to work on the Moon.

There is some spirited QA underneath (started by me), about whether being near large power lines could be dangerous to you or to electrical equipment.  It deserves a video.  But I have never had a laptop or other equipment damaged by being stalled near a large power station or tower on a highway.

But theoretically induced currents sound like a risk.  

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Bill Boushka said...

There has been criticism of this video. Here is a reply from NYU Quantum Lab