Friday, November 05, 2021

“Moving into My Dream NYC Apartment” , by Elliot Choy

Cast Iron Building 2004-11


Elliot Choy “Moving into My Dream NYC Apartment

He drives from Indiana to a 5000-sq-ft apartment in NYC.  He will live with numerous roommates.  They have no furniture at first, so Elliot rides a mattress on a skateboard through NYC streets,  the highlight of the video.   

Cash Jordan (a NYC realtor with a popular YT channel) should show this pad, which comprises a long tunnel leading to four bedrooms and a bisected common living area.

I thought I spotted John Fish make a cameo in the video.

In March 2020 Choy made a video about being quarantined in Spain with roommate Luke when they both had Covid, mild cases which they recovered from quickly.

I lived in the Cast Iron Building at 11th and Broadway 1974-1978. 

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