Wednesday, November 24, 2021

"Hollywood's (Gay) China Problem" with James Somerton



James Somerton produces, directs and narrates “Hollywood’s (Gay) China Problem”, Nov. 17, 2021, in four parts.

The furor over the gay kiss in “Eternals” had to do with the Chinese director;  but generally the problem has to do with statist capitalism.

Somerton starts by discussing the relationship between movie studios (and distributors?) and theater chains, which since the 1940s could not be owned by them – although Trump changed that. Chinese theaters take a much bigger cut of the take.

Then the film gets into the push by Jingping’s government for cultural unity among all his people. He talks about the series BL where the young men look "thmooth" and immature, and Jingping screams no mire effemimate men on media.

It makes a comparison to McCarthyism in the US in the1950s. Gay people,by avoding the trappings of creating families, produce a large dent in consumption patters that an authoritarian government wants to control.

Wikipedia embed of a Shanghai street, click for attribution. 

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