Thursday, October 21, 2021

“Four Hours at the Capitol” from HBO Documentary

2021 United States Capitol VOA 1 (cropped)


HBO Documentary Films offers  a 92-minute film by Jamie Roberts, “Four Hours at the Capitol”.

This is the most detailed account yet of the events inside the Capitol on January 6, 2021, when 15000 insurgents tried to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes by Congress.

One of the most chilling scenes is the evacuation of the House from its own chamber.

The personal brutality of members of the mob, wanting to gouge eyes, is striking.

So is their immersion in erratic beliefs, as they do not trust mainstream sources of information om a world of algorithmic social media. Some believe in replacement ideology, and others fear expropriation by the radical Left, even according to CRT.   

Brendan Gutenschwager often appears and comments.

Ford Fischer and News2Share contributed licensed footage outdoors.

The film does not give a lot of detail on how the reinforcements pushed back the rioters after 4 hours. The lack of preparation by Capitol police seems to be Trump’s doing. We had a close call with Trump's use of martial law, and then what?

There is a line in the crowd: "Whose side are you on?"  Really.

Wikipedia embed of Voice of America image p.d., click for attribution.

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