Sunday, September 05, 2021

"What Is Marxism?" as presented by Ryan Chapman


railroad are private property (VA railway, CSX)

Ryan Chapman answers, “What Is Marxism?”, 34 min, Sept, 5

This is a discussion of original Marxist theory.  The idea of property had originated with Locke and before industrialization and encapsulated the value of labor performed with individual agency.

With assembly line work, people are paid wages but lose agency over their work, and the surplus value is captured by the bourgeoisie, which becomes exploitative and oppressive.

Other concepts are historicism and materialism.

Then there is the replacement of “competition” with “association”.  Property that generates wealth has to be owned in common under Marxist theory.

The activism required to remove class oppression would be authoritarian and sweep the world.  For example, inherited wealth would be confiscated.  (That was a particular target of the Peoples Party in the 1970s).

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