Saturday, September 04, 2021

"The Undeparted": documentary ghost story set in rural Maryland ("long" short film)

Waverley Marriottsville MD Jan 11


The Undeparted” appears on YT as a 36-minute short documentary film from October 30, 2020, by Chris MacGuiness. 

The filmmaker visits the owner of an antique shop in Marriotsville, MD, near highway 99 NW of Baltimore.  She describes the spirits in the building who move and drop objects at night and even turn on electrical appliances.  Then they visit a nearby house that is also haunted.

There is also the ruins of an old mental institution nearby, in which over 100 people died one year.

There was a particular man who lost all of his loved ones and felt deserted and then deteriorated and passed away after a stroke. It sounds like an unremarkable story.

Nevertheless, the story is spooky, especially the music.  It would be interesting to visit the area to see if one can find the antique shop.

The film, shot in the late fall on a gray, foggy day, claims presentation in many film festivals, including Austin.

The subject matter reminds me of Peter Straub's novel "Ghost Story" which became a movie in the 80s. 

Picture:  Waverly Mansion in Marriotsville, Wikipedia embed (click for attribution), doesn’t look to be the same as the home in the film.

Update: Sept 7

Drove to Marriottsville MD and took some pix myself.  It's not quite the same as the long shot in the movie because the area is heavily wooded and seems to be in a Piedmont plateau ravine/

House (antique shop??? in the movie) 

Sanatarium (apparently -- on the road that T-'s into the main road

Rural Maryland (Burkittsville, NW of Brunswick and not too far from Tim Pool's "Cast Castle" now, was the site of "The Blair Witch Project" in 1999.    And The south Jersey pine barrens were the site of the similar film "The Last Broadcast" also around 1999. 


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