Thursday, September 09, 2021

"The Royal House Featurette" for Dune

Atreides Hawk.

The “Secrets of Dune” channel offers a 4-minute “The Royal House Featurette”. 

The short explains the various families controlling the four planets in the world of “Dune”.  Timothee Chalalemet will play the “prince” who will save the royal house and keep control of the main resource, “the spice” (which turns on brains) on a desert planet.

It sounds like this is a very tribal universe, where good and evil are seen through familial lenses. Yet Paul (Timothee), sitting in a buttoned-up collared shirt, seems like the prefect renaissance man, almost an example of biological virtue. This idea may not go over to well with the woke world this time around.

I read the book in the Army.  I remember Lady Jessica, the gom jabber, the Fremen, the Guild, and the oil barons.  (See May 4, 2014 for Jodorowsky's Dune film.) 

Wikipedia embed: House of Altreides hawk, click for attribution.

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