Saturday, September 11, 2021

New YT Channel "Cross Cut Creators" introduces the work of Mr. Maximillian Reisinger, as its first (big) video


Interesting houses near Raleigh, NC 2019-2

There is a new YouTube channel called Cross Cut Creators, started by Aaron Pickrell.

His first interview (47 min, Aug 2021) is of Mr. Maximillian Reisinger – Perspectopia, a clothing and media company he created at age 17.  I’ve presented some of his videos before, and today, his “optimistic way of living” seems appropriate to counter the somber mood of the day.  He also has a MaxTV on Patreon.

Max divides his businesses or activities do into what he does with others, and what he does himself.  That’s a split I find I will have to make this fall (maybe something like an LLC could come).  He does mention some issues (around the 18 minute mark) that I am having to consider for my own operation today, at age 78.  I have to be concerned if others could take over what I do if anything happened (or, say, suppose I were isolated by a mandatory quarantine).

The interview will be today’s “film”.

At about the 20 minute mark he describes when he suddenly started to make money on his channel, when his mother was encouraging him to take a regular after school job.  His family is from North Carolina (but also France and Austria).

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