Sunday, September 12, 2021

"Is Reality Real?" Don't test it out!


Great Falls, MD, Potomac River, 2007

Is Reality Real”?, short video from “The Big Think”.

No, for conscious organisms it depends on what they perceive.

I don’t perceive what a color-blind person does.  Or what a cat (with night vision with little color) does.

I don’t smell what a dog can (and my sense of smell is pretty good, although I wondered one time if I had lost some, maybe briefly to a Covid?) 

Yet equations can predict reality, as with Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicting black holes, which we can’t perceive.

There is an interesting explanation of how sound and light are perceived differently (even if appropriate for middle school science).  When you play a chord on the piano, you perceive all the individual notes (as consonant or dissonant).  When you combine colors on a color wheel you get a new color. 

Of course, you can't undo what you just did -- that is part of reality.  You can't just roll back the clock and try again. 

Heather Heying, Bret Weinstein’s wife (Dark Horse Podcast Clips) speaks in the episode

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