Thursday, September 02, 2021

"An American in Paris II" by Max

Gare du Nord night Paris FRA 002


An American in Paris II” aka “I Hung out with Strangers in Paris”, by Max Reisinger, he calls this episode 1 of his gap year.  Also, “Paris is the loneliest city in the world.

There’s plenty of Debussy in the back ground, moog style, a bit microtonal, but I’d like to hear it on piano.  There is a silly sequence where he moves around a park, sitting in chairs, playing philosopher.  And there is a game of boules in the film, like in an Irving Wallace novel ("The Plot", which I read while in the Army and was supposed to get made into a thriller but never did).  

He does mix a lot toward the end, outdoors (nobody wears masks, no one seems concerned, everyone is vaxxed I presume).

I barely remember the 1951 musical as a kid, pre-Cinemascope (by two years). 

Picture: Northern station (you take the Chunnel train there, which I did in 2001), Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

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