Saturday, August 07, 2021

"Will of the People": Animated short film depicting a revolution, based around a song by Tim Pool


Red Phone room, US Army Museum, Ft. Belvoir VA 2021-7

Will of the People”, from Timcast IRL and Subverse Media, is 4-minute animated dystopian satire of a revolution, with the animation blocking people into three castes: red, blue, and later green.

The music consists of a song, lyrics and music by Tim Pool, arranged by Nishral Ahren.  The short film itself is directed by Henrik Svilling.  The music is in B Minor (I checked on my Casio), or the dreaded “h-moll” – the key of Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique.

Whatever plot there does not end well for the combatants.  People have the toys  they didn’t earn on their own taken away from them.   (Oh, yes, remember, “Walking through Minefields”, but that was hardly a revolution.)   Can this film wind up in a festival, like DC Shorts? 

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