Saturday, August 21, 2021

"Why Are David Lynch's Movies Like That?", and keep you on the edge of your seat


Wilmington NC 2019-2

Why Are David Lynch’s Movies Like That?”, a 23-minute video essay by Thomas Flight sponsored by Mubi.

Lynch is always about noticing the oddities of the moment, an “life is but a dream.”

He spend a lot of time discussing the bw world of “Erasehead”, which is supposed to be based on the industrial flats are of Philadelphia.

Lynch invites the viewer to go on a trip with him, of discovery, relishing every odd moment of revelation. Remember the discovery of a severed ear in a field in “Blue Velvet”, and the adventure that leads to a hideout in a dingey apartment.  This is Lumberton, NC, “where woodchucks chuck”

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