Friday, August 20, 2021

"Was 2020 a Simulation?" It seems like it. So is 2021


cameras at a recent media event debate

Venture City asks “Was 2020 a Simulation? (Science and Math of the Simulation Theory)

The video starks out with an analogy where a cave dweller sees shadows of himself on a cave wall in a 2D world and is bemused when he goes outside – to mention of Nick Bostrom’s book “Superintelligence”.

He goes through probability theory – pretty much as in an undergraduate course – to construct the probability that we may be living in a simulation but not have the computing power to compute our own.

A civilization might need a Dyson Sphere to capture enough energy to be at the top of the simulation hierarchy.

A supercomputer might be built in space with the mass of an entire planet.

He talks about Elon Mush’s vides a lot.

The ending of the last Matrix film, where Neo finally steps out into reality, and it isn’t pretty on the surface, may illustrate all these points.

I also feel that the unfolding of the events surrounding the novel coronavirus were so uncanny as to seem like a simulation.  I currently believe that I might have caught it with very mild symptoms at the very beginning, and have been OK since (I am fully vaccinated now)  -- despite being elderly.

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