Monday, August 09, 2021

"Uncancelled: Sky News Set Free" by YouTube (medical misinformation controversy)

Mary Street during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brisbane, Australia


Uncancelled: Sky News Australia Set Free” (30 minutes), is mostly one long talk. 

The conservative Australian news channel celebrates the lifting of its one week suspension from YouTube.   YT had maintained it violated the medical misinformation policy with presentations about Ivermectin.  It is true, there is considerable doubt about the conduct of some studies that support it, but there probably needs to be better managed studies of variations of the medication, which could well turn out to be helpful in some circumstances.

The Guardian explains, in an article by Amanda Meade, that the channel deleted other contentious material suddenly, including an interview with Alex Jones.

The Sydney Morning Herald describes more details about the controversy, which are rather entangled, as Whittaker (the president) apparently spoke to the Youtube CEO,

But the video here claims that American tech giants are deciding what viewer in other countries can see according to their own woke biases.

The station admits it is “conservative”, a bit like Fox News. It has been particularly vocal about the harm caused by lockdowns associated with "zero Covid" which is becoming unachievable with the Delta variant. Australia has been slower on the vaccinations. 

Picture: Brisbane, Queensland, under lockdown 

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