Sunday, August 29, 2021

"My Flower Farm-House Update" by Andrew Neighbors (or Andrew-Goes-Places)

Camping site Lake Quinault


My Flower Farm – House Update”, 12 min, by Dr. Andrew Neighbors, aka “One of My Chickens Got Eatern!

Neighbors, an optometrist by profession, is a popular YouTuber with upbeat videos about gay life, especially health, fitness, and going places (outdoors), even during the pandemic.

Recently he bought a farm in Washington State (I think it is near Olympia National Park), with an old house, which he is fixing up doing his own renovation, creating a separate wing of the house for guests and apparently a facility for doing shows and interviews.  He also has a farm (and one of the products is beautiful flowers) and hiking trails in his own woods. 

I’ve watched some videos of Tim Pool’s Cast Castle on the other side of the country, and Neighbors seems to be doing the same thing with his new property. I’ll review one of Pool’s Castle videos soon. Pool's place has chickens, too. 

Picture: Lake Quinault in Olympic National Park, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution

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