Sunday, August 01, 2021

"Mobile: When Living in a Car Is Your Last Choice": fundraiser short film by Invisible People on homelessness


car breakdown July 26 in northern VA on I-66

Mobile: When Living in a Car Is Your Last Choice”, directed by Luciana Faulhaber (written with Beth Meredith), 17 minutes, posted July 7, 2021, by a group called Invisible People on YouTube.

A middle-aged white woman, Lydia (played by the director) has been evicted from her apartment (think about the eviction moratorium now as a “political” issue in Congress) and lives in her car, while working in the gig economy as an Uber or Lyft (the script doesn’t say which) driver.

The landlord secretly lets her get some stuff back, and she picks up a couple of gay male passengers.  Everybody is wearing a mask, so her hard-times are pandemic-driven, perhaps. They cheer her up, and then she goes looking for a safe place to park and is almost accosted until another guy chases the accoster off and tells her where there is a safe-place parking she can register for.  There is some red tape with her phone.  Fortunately it works.

What if her car breaks down?  What if the technology dies?

The film is labeled on YouTube as a fundraiser, with links in the description of the video.

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