Saturday, August 14, 2021

"In Deep Water: New Ways to Manage Flooding" from DW

Grote Kerk, Dordrecht


DW Documentary (Germany) gives us the documentary “In Deep Water: New Ways to Manage Flooding”, alternative title “Deep Flooding: Can Nature Itself Save Us from the Effects of Climate Change?”, 28 min, July 27, 2021.

The film is inspired by the severe flooding particularly in Germany in late July.

The film looks at several places, starting with Dordrecht, Netherlands, where people inside the dike zone have legal protection but outside they don’t.  There are curious structures which keep water in houses had keep them from reflooding the city.

It then moves to Colonge, Germany, and then the Loire in France.

But there is a surprising new technique:  tear down dikes, and let the flood plain return.  In some cases farms in the flood plains are elevated by about 6 meters with massive amounts of soil.

Kipton, Ohio, Rosa St., 2010
Wikipedia embed mentions “Kipton”, which is a town near Oberlin Ohio where I spent summers as a kid. I never knew that it is a Dutch name. Click for attribution.

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