Sunday, August 15, 2021

"Conscientious Objectors in Israel: Choosing Prison over the Military", from DW films, about defending the West Bank settlements

Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - A New Soldier Packs His Bag


Conscientious Objectors in Israel: Choosing Prison over the Military”, 42 minutes, Aug. 12, 2021, directed by Molly Stuart, from DW documentary films (Germany). 

Israel still has compulsory military service for both genders (making women register for Selective Service is being considered in the US).  I believe that it has accepted gays since 1992 (even before the US “don’t ask don’t tell” in 1993) although for a time gays lived “at home”.

This film traces conscientious objectors in Israel’s military, particularly to serving reinforcing the settlements on the West Bank.  There is a phrase “occupation is evil, Judaism is not”.

There is a female detainee interviewed by the conscience board at the end of the film. Is this about occupation, or military service?   The occupation issue is complicated by the fact that many Israeli's believe they need a buffered homeland to be physically safe because of their history. 

Picture: Israeli soldier of IDF packing his duffel, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution 

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