Monday, July 19, 2021

"What Exactly Is Post-Modernism?", according to Ryan Chapman (two types!)

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What Exactly Is Post-Modernism?”, by Ryan Chapman, Aug. 26, 2020.

Ryan describes two types of post-modernism, which followed the “modernism” of liberalism (which in turn followed the Enlightenment).  It is interesting at the outset that modern liberalism really does need some foundation in truth, that is discoverable and stable and can lead to progress for everyone.  One might even argue that conscious beings must exist because mathematics is incomplete:  so mathematics needs local intelligence to make choices.  But individualism of consciousness means competition, and some individuals fall behind, so there is always tension over equity. 

Ryan first describes French post-modernism, as an attempt to loosen up rationality and make it more fluid and more able to enlarge life.  But the radical post-modernism of the far Left has become obsessed with placing people into groups and classifying them as oppressed or oppressors, something that needs to be fixed reparatively.  He makes mention of "first principles" (covered by Tyler Mowery in his Writers Mind, video Episode 9). He makes a comparison between Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, interesting.  

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