Wednesday, July 07, 2021

“Trappist-1: Weirdest Habitable Worlds” from NASA JPL

Comparison of TRAPPIST-1 to the Solar System


7 Earth-Sized Planets Around the Star ‘Trappist-1’” from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, otherwise called “Trappist-1: Weirdest Habitable Worlds

The fourth planet, D, may have an average surface temperature of 55F and might be the most habitable (wiki).

The planets may be tidally locked like “eyeball planets” with a twilight zone of milder temperatures.

The NASA article has a 3-D simulation view of the surface of the surface of 1D (360 degrees oculus image) with red sky and snow, but this may be closer to a pole or father from the twilight middle if the average is warmer. 

“Launch Pad Astronomy” in 2018 offered a 12-minute video “Could Life Exist around Red-Dwarf Stars?”   These stars are enormously active with flares until the grow old, but they last a long time.  After hundreds of billions of years, stable life could develop, far in the future, maybe with reincarnations of us living on them.

Wikipedia comparison of Trappist-1 system to our solar system, embed, click for attribution

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