Thursday, July 08, 2021

"The Story of Action Park" (NJ), and its history as a risky water park to visit (on Fantastic Horrors)

Action Park (2999307425)

 The Story of Action Park”, from Sept 29, 2020, a “Short Documentary” on the Fascinating Horror channel.

This was a theme park and water park in Vernon, NJ (in the mountains in the NW near the Delaware Water Gap)  that opened in Vernon NJ on May 26, 1978.

In retrospect, the park was known dangerous rides with six deaths and many serious injuries over the years, because many guests were physically able to perform on the rides well enough.

The company went bankrupt in the mid 90s and operated without insurance in its last year before closing and being sold to a Canadian company that made the park much safer.

I was living in Manhattan (between the villages) the year it opened, last year, and sometimes took bus trips to attractions like this.  Good think I didn’t.

In Dallas (where I lived in the 80s) there were two water parks in the mid-Cities, and one got bought out by the other.

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