Saturday, July 10, 2021

"The Science of Being Transgender", as explained by "Rainbow Science Class"


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“Powered by Rainbows” or “Rainbow Science Class” teaches “The Science of Being Transgender”.

The video maintains that gender is defined in the brain, and usually, but not always, matches the genitals.  The brain MRI patterns of males and women are very different, with non-binary mixed and much less common but still happens.  These seem to be caused by epigenetics.

At about 9 minutes into the video the teacher (who says he is a cis gay male) discusses the pronoun issue.

He discusses the ages at which puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery may legally done according to the medical community (and would oppose state laws that interfere with medicine). Puberty blocker treatment is reversible, he says. Visitors should know that often learning difficulties and ADHD often  improve in teenagers when they start puberty (especially for boys).  It doesn't sound like it is a good idea to use them except when really "necessary".  Yet there are extremists (on the fringe Left) who want all teens to take blockers until they "choose" their pronouns.  

I present these videos to allow visitors to learn about the controversies and let speakers tell us the science as best we know it.  I am not “promoting” it.

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