Tuesday, July 13, 2021

"The Science of Being Gay": OK, genetics, but what about epigenetics


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The Science of Being Gay”, from the Powered by Rainbows Channel, with Dr. Matt Haslam.

As in a video recently shown discussing the biology of gender identity, this looks at statistical studies on sexual orientation.

Haslam claims there are myriads of genes that can influence sexual orientation.  He depicts it as somewhat a mathematical effect, perhaps of set theory, the way the genes aggregated together “measure” or develop a size (which could converge or diverge mathematically -- go ahead and prove the theorems). Nature really tries everything to find out what works in the long run for a larger community in aggregate.   

What’s interesting is that he doesn’t mention epigenetics.  It’s well established that in families with more than one son, each son further down in birth order has an increased probability of being gay.  The mother’s body reacts differently to subsequent sons during pregnancy.  It is almost like nature’s way of optimizing family size:  have just enough children for future generations to be stable and able to feed themselves.  In more primitive societies, the gay sons are supposed to behave “altruistically” and provide backup for essential functions in the society or family.  In liberal modernism, the practical reality is that the gay sons are more likely to become MGTOW, men going their own way.  All of this is particularly the case in higher income, higher IQ families.

He does cite a statistic to the effect that CIS gay adults are about seven times as common as transgender (and non-binary) individuals, and bisexual is actually about eight times as common.

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