Wednesday, July 14, 2021

"The Marxism Behind Leftist Identity Politics", by Ryan Chapman


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Ryan Chapman gives an lucid explanation of “The Marxism Behind Leftist Identity Politics, Explained”, Feb 1, 2021.

Chapman explains how Marxism and communism arose as a result of a failure of “liberalism”, which today might almost be called libtertarianism, which left many people behind to fail personally.  It was easy to perceive their labor as exploited by those with more property and to consider them oppressed as a group (workers).  Colonialism and slavery (and settlement of indigenous lands) provided an excuse to invent a similar ideology for race.

Chapman also traces the Frankfurt School and the writings particularly of Marcuse, to a system where society is divided into groups of oppressors and the oppressed.  The idea is circular, as the oppressed get to define who is the oppressor.  Oppressors are considered like witches and given false choices.  Critical Race Theory arose with a substitution of race for economic class, but it is also profoundly collectivist, anti-individual, and demands that the individual become socialized through lived experiences of the group.  This identarianism can create its own moral contradictions when dealing with gender and sexuality. 

Chapman has shorter videos on May 28 and July 11 focusing just on CRT.  He warns that activism is a component of the theory, and it is not just simply something that is taught as another ideology in academia.  The idea of anti-racism makes personal demands of everyone, and in theory could override a country’s constitution.

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