Tuesday, July 06, 2021

"NYC: A Documentary of Urban Decay", by Macbook repair business owner Louis Rossmann (and Mr. Clinton the Cat?)


Chelsea, NYC, near 7th Ave, June 27, 2021;  Gay Pride was about a half mile away

Louis Rossmann, owner of the Rossmann Repair Group, which repairs MacBooks and similar hardware, does a walking tour of 7th Avenue from 27th St, where his own shop is located, and he calls his 28-minute film “NYC: A Documentary of Urban Decay”.

He depicts, in almost every block, businesses that closed for good during the pandemic and after damage during the George Floyd riots.

He (after recharging his phone apparently) offered a 48 bike tour of NYC right after July 4 on his channel.

On Sunday, June 27, on Gay Pride weekend, I walked up to the location of his business, and the area was deserted.  The Fashion Technology center was across 7rh Avenue.  The march had gone down 5th Avenue, and the people were in the Village, from 7th Ave all the way to Washington Square Park, where there were a few incidents.

Rossmann often points out that landlords want much more to rent a space than the market will bear right now.  Particularly interesting to me was his depiction of the old Rivera cafe, in a triangular lot on 7th Ave about Sheridan Square.  I had a very important conversation with a friend there over chocolate ice cream in May 1978 after going to see the play "The Fifth of July" nearby.  The cafe had closed in 2019 (World Pride), before the pandemic.  There is a big sign "Texas" above it. 

Riviera cafe site, 2021/6/27

Rossmann also recently did a 3-week tour of the south, especially Florida, looking for places to establish new branches (or maybe franchise locations?) for his business.  I think he could trademark his cat’s name, Mr. Clinton, as a franchise name, because the cat has such unusual charisma on his video channel, always talking and getting attention.

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