Friday, July 23, 2021

"Noble Deeds" and "Newburgh Conspiracy" at the new US Army Museum at Fort Belvoir, VA


The Army Values 2021-7

The new US Army Museum at Fort Belvoir VA show a 13-minute nearly 360-degree cyclorama film “Noble Deeds”, or “The Story of the American Soldier”, showing the self-sacrifice of American soldiers over many conflicts.  The first scene is in Da Nang in Vietnam in 1966 (I would be drafted in 1968).

There is also a short in one of the museum rooms “Newburgh Conspiracy”, a plot by some military after the Revolutionary War in 1783 to take over the government unless certain demands were met.  An agreement was signed in New Windsor, New York which would establish civilian control of the military. Given what happened January 6, 2021 you have to admit that even that can be abused.

There is also a demonstration in a “red phone” room of how a nuclear crisis might evolve, with a fictitious “Lariat Advance” by the Cold War Soviets into western Europe, and how it was rehearsed constantly by troops stationed in western Europe.   There is a panel that talks about the end of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in 2011 under President Obama, and there is a different one that talks about "unit cohesion" in WWII, as being broken up during the Vietnam war by the policy of making deployments to Vietnam just one year. 

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