Saturday, July 24, 2021

"John Hurley: The Anarchist Concealed Carrier Who Stopped a Mass Shooting", documentary from News2Share about a tragedy in Arvada, Colorado in June 2021

Aerial image of Arvada, Colorado


News2Share offers a 23-minute documentary short film today “Johnny Hurley:  The Anarchist Concealed Carrier Who Stopped a Mass Shooting”. 

(You can watch the video on YouTube by clicking on the letters). 

Katie Shepherd has a detailed report in the Washington Post. On Monday, June 21, 2021, a veteran police officer, Gorden Beesley, in Arvada, Colorado (a suburb of Denver ten miles to its north, actually in two counties) was gunned down by a suspect later identified as Ronald Troyke, 59.

A bystander, Johnny Hurley, carrying a concealed handgun, intervened and shot the suspect, as it was apparent that the suspect was going to shoot more police officers.  Then an arriving police officer shot and killed Hurley, before realizing that Hurley was a good Samaritan and not the original perpetrator.

Hurley is described as someone very dedicated to protecting people.

News2share describes this video as a “documentary”.  In the language of the film industry, it is “distributing” the film, and (at least to my observation) is likely to expand in this area; now it often licenses major footage (which includes that in this film) to other news networks or documentary filmmakers, but I hope this means that Ford and others connected to him and considering producing their own feature documentaries.

Wikipedia has articles listing killings by law enforcement in the United States by month, but no separate article yet for John Hurley.

The incident illustrates the extreme difficulty police can have with split-second decisions.  They are proportionally more likely to occur in poorer neighborhoods with people of color, but this time that was not the case.

Picture: Arvada, CO, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution 

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