Saturday, July 31, 2021

"Documenting a Modern Psychopath": YT documentary series about Jacob Wohl

US Security and Exchange Commission Office photo D Ramey Logan


A channel called “Oki’s Weird Stories” offers a 52-minute short in April 2021, “Documenting a Modern Psychopath”.

This is the story of Jacob Wohl, who started founding questionable investment funds as a teenager (born December 1997).  This would result in bans and litigation; he was also involved in propagating various conspiracy theories, such as one involving the death of Seth Rich in Washington DC.  Apparently he has attempted to libel Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg, and even Anthony Fauci.  He would work with another “conspiracy theorist” Jack Burkman.  There is a non-flattering biography on Wikipedia here.

The film offers a licensed excerpt of a News2share video filmed by Ford Fischer of a press conference by Wohl.

The film has a sequel, “Natural Born Grifters” released on late July 2021;  I may review that later.

Most (really all) precocious teens I have followed on these blogs (some have video channels) have done really well legitimately.  This is the first disappointing story.

Picture:  Wikipedia embed, US SEC, Washington DC, click for attribution 

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