Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"An Invisible Threat: the Possible Link Between Microwave Technology and Health", from Endever documentaries


Green Bank W Va 2013/5

The ENDEVR Documentary Channel presents “An Invisible Threat: The Possible Link Between Microwave Technology and Health” directed by Pablo Coca (71 minutes).

The documentary is filmed mostly in Belgium, France and Sweden, and maintains that people live with a much higher level of background radiation than they did in earlier levels, by many orders of magnitude.

The documentary talked about where women carry cell phones and breast cancer, and maintained there is an inverse geometric relationship between distance of the phone from the body and the risk.

But sometimes the film seems to be trying to cry Luddite, and suggest we should get rid of modern technology and live simply. 

 The film does not cover the "Havana syndrome" which seems very timely now.  Furthermore, it is possible for intense microwave devises to damage electronics, although this has not been reported as actually happening. 

The film presents women who say they are hypersensitive to microwave.  There is an area in West Virginia in the US near Green Bank where no cell towers are allowed because of a radio telescope, and many such people live in that area.

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