Saturday, July 31, 2021

I have to pull an important review, but I do expect to repost it soon -- explanation


train set progress

This is an unusual incident.  I removed a video review (from July 30) today because a sensitivity, of an unusual nature (it is international) occurred.

One problem in Blogger is that you cannot change the title of a blog post as Blogger will index it.  Even if you change the text that the visitor sees (fix a spelling error or typo) Google will index the post under the old name.  In this case I felt there could be an unusual issue.

I believe I will be able to repost the review with a new title (after full deletion and re-upload) and some other changes by the middle of next week.  Again, this is something that doesn’t happen very often and is a little bit unpredictable.

I’ve included a video of work on my own trainset just to have something to look at. 

Just one philosophical thought.  No one has a “natural right” to be born more fortunate than other people.  I’ll expound on that in a video later.

"Documenting a Modern Psychopath": YT documentary series about Jacob Wohl

US Security and Exchange Commission Office photo D Ramey Logan


A channel called “Oki’s Weird Stories” offers a 52-minute short in April 2021, “Documenting a Modern Psychopath”.

This is the story of Jacob Wohl, who started founding questionable investment funds as a teenager (born December 1997).  This would result in bans and litigation; he was also involved in propagating various conspiracy theories, such as one involving the death of Seth Rich in Washington DC.  Apparently he has attempted to libel Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg, and even Anthony Fauci.  He would work with another “conspiracy theorist” Jack Burkman.  There is a non-flattering biography on Wikipedia here.

The film offers a licensed excerpt of a News2share video filmed by Ford Fischer of a press conference by Wohl.

The film has a sequel, “Natural Born Grifters” released on late July 2021;  I may review that later.

Most (really all) precocious teens I have followed on these blogs (some have video channels) have done really well legitimately.  This is the first disappointing story.

Picture:  Wikipedia embed, US SEC, Washington DC, click for attribution 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

The South Bronx (from a car)


  Nick Johnson films, “I Drove Through the South Bronx, the Worst Part of the City”. July 25, 2021, 19 minutes.

I can remember riding through the area in 1975 on an Amtrak train from Boston. It looked like a war zone then.

Now businesses are coming back and the many apartment buildings appear to be in reasonable shape.

That is a little bit of a contradiction with the view from Louis Rossmann’s bike tours.

Wikipedia embed, place known as "The Hub", click for attribution. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"An Invisible Threat: the Possible Link Between Microwave Technology and Health", from Endever documentaries


Green Bank W Va 2013/5

The ENDEVR Documentary Channel presents “An Invisible Threat: The Possible Link Between Microwave Technology and Health” directed by Pablo Coca (71 minutes).

The documentary is filmed mostly in Belgium, France and Sweden, and maintains that people live with a much higher level of background radiation than they did in earlier levels, by many orders of magnitude.

The documentary talked about where women carry cell phones and breast cancer, and maintained there is an inverse geometric relationship between distance of the phone from the body and the risk.

But sometimes the film seems to be trying to cry Luddite, and suggest we should get rid of modern technology and live simply. 

 The film does not cover the "Havana syndrome" which seems very timely now.  Furthermore, it is possible for intense microwave devises to damage electronics, although this has not been reported as actually happening. 

The film presents women who say they are hypersensitive to microwave.  There is an area in West Virginia in the US near Green Bank where no cell towers are allowed because of a radio telescope, and many such people live in that area.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"Refill": a man alone in the mountains, looks for a flying robot to give him daily fixes


Stony Man, VAn 2021-7

Refill”, directed and written by Luis Villatoro, from Ignorante Films, presents us with a young man (Jose Corales) living alone in a shed in Spain in the mountains, getting regular visits from a flying robot saucier that gives him an oral fix by hose.

He seeks to destroy it, and meets a companion (Daniela Honzalez, from whom he might have the last child on Earth.  What more to ask for?

Monday, July 26, 2021

"The Space Border that Could Seal Us on Earth", with Johnny Harris



The Space Border that Could Seal Us on Earth”, with Johnny Harris (17 min), July 23, 2021.

Johnny explains how the privatization of space, as recently illustrated by Jeff Bezos at all, is creating a lot of orbiting space debris, that once in a while collides.  If the cloud of space debris gets thick enough, it could set off a chain reaction that prevents further development in space.

Harris notes there is little legal control or liability enforcement now in international law. 

Although one wonders if you could try different orbits at different distances from Earth. 

An orbit results when an object moves fast enough that free fall keeps it at one distance from Earth.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

"The New Left of the 1960s: Deep Dives" according to Ryan Chapman


M14 and M16 from Vietnam war era, Army museum

Ryan Chapman, in April 2021, presented an explanation of “The New Left of the 1960s: Deep Dives” (one hour) 

He presents basic tension between “reform” v. “revolution” as “liberalism” left too many people behind. Cultural Marxism tended to take over revolutionary elements of the left (he starts with Stokely Carmichael) by attaching itself to other identity groups besides economic class, especially race and gender. At the same time, cultural Marxism thought it was separating itself from the Soviet Union and previous Stalinism.

He lists several separate issues (race, gender, LGBT, students) and notes that the Gay Liberation Front was much more “revolutionary” than the Gay Activist Alliance which tended to replace it. Because (especially among gay men) there is so much though to what one’s own values are in another person, LGBT activism for me doesn’t fit well with collective philosophies (and trans and non-binary are quite different from the rest of the community).

Generally, revolutionary groups tried to draw people into collective awareness rather than individual self-concept.  Identifying with a group is attractive if you haven’t competed well as an individual.

He talks about the evolution of SDS, and finally notes that the Weahtermen was one of the most dangerous of the movements, that we dodged a bullet on them.  Misunderstanding the new Left allowed the polarization that has occurred since about 2014 – we are living with the consequences.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

"John Hurley: The Anarchist Concealed Carrier Who Stopped a Mass Shooting", documentary from News2Share about a tragedy in Arvada, Colorado in June 2021

Aerial image of Arvada, Colorado


News2Share offers a 23-minute documentary short film today “Johnny Hurley:  The Anarchist Concealed Carrier Who Stopped a Mass Shooting”. 

(You can watch the video on YouTube by clicking on the letters). 

Katie Shepherd has a detailed report in the Washington Post. On Monday, June 21, 2021, a veteran police officer, Gorden Beesley, in Arvada, Colorado (a suburb of Denver ten miles to its north, actually in two counties) was gunned down by a suspect later identified as Ronald Troyke, 59.

A bystander, Johnny Hurley, carrying a concealed handgun, intervened and shot the suspect, as it was apparent that the suspect was going to shoot more police officers.  Then an arriving police officer shot and killed Hurley, before realizing that Hurley was a good Samaritan and not the original perpetrator.

Hurley is described as someone very dedicated to protecting people.

News2share describes this video as a “documentary”.  In the language of the film industry, it is “distributing” the film, and (at least to my observation) is likely to expand in this area; now it often licenses major footage (which includes that in this film) to other news networks or documentary filmmakers, but I hope this means that Ford and others connected to him and considering producing their own feature documentaries.

Wikipedia has articles listing killings by law enforcement in the United States by month, but no separate article yet for John Hurley.

The incident illustrates the extreme difficulty police can have with split-second decisions.  They are proportionally more likely to occur in poorer neighborhoods with people of color, but this time that was not the case.

Picture: Arvada, CO, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution 

Friday, July 23, 2021

"Noble Deeds" and "Newburgh Conspiracy" at the new US Army Museum at Fort Belvoir, VA


The Army Values 2021-7

The new US Army Museum at Fort Belvoir VA show a 13-minute nearly 360-degree cyclorama film “Noble Deeds”, or “The Story of the American Soldier”, showing the self-sacrifice of American soldiers over many conflicts.  The first scene is in Da Nang in Vietnam in 1966 (I would be drafted in 1968).

There is also a short in one of the museum rooms “Newburgh Conspiracy”, a plot by some military after the Revolutionary War in 1783 to take over the government unless certain demands were met.  An agreement was signed in New Windsor, New York which would establish civilian control of the military. Given what happened January 6, 2021 you have to admit that even that can be abused.

There is also a demonstration in a “red phone” room of how a nuclear crisis might evolve, with a fictitious “Lariat Advance” by the Cold War Soviets into western Europe, and how it was rehearsed constantly by troops stationed in western Europe.   There is a panel that talks about the end of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in 2011 under President Obama, and there is a different one that talks about "unit cohesion" in WWII, as being broken up during the Vietnam war by the policy of making deployments to Vietnam just one year. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

"Where Is this Place?": Max Reisinger (Perspectopia) reports on his surprise trip to Azerbaijan

Ancient Azerbaijan 4


Where Is This Place?” aka “I Was Invited to a Country I Didn’t Know Existed”, by Max Reisinger.

Max describes a trip to Azerbaijan ( sovereign county, a former Soviet republic on the Caspian Sea, capital Baku, largely Islamic) which he was invited to go on around the time of his 18th birthday, with other young journalists.  This all happened about the time of his high school graduation and his skydiving lesson (which “everybody” does:  Trey Yingst, Avi Schiffmann, Matthew Cappucci, Tyler Mowery, and a bartender/waiter at Freddie’s in Arlington VA).

The itinerary took them through Istanbul, and some of the content was displayed on Max’s “MaxTV” Patreon channel.

He saw lots of remnants of war, left in the field, and I don’t know off hand the history. He meets the kids in the park.  There is no religious tension, the practice of religion seems moderate as in the US.   But he has to take off shoes to enter a mosque.

The city of Baku is spectacular with architecture, and super modern and luxury hotels, one of them renovated from a castle.  

Max's style here, while playful at times, looks toward the detail of a Johnny Harris video, or even the current reporting of News2Share (Ford Fischer). 

Oh, yes, you had to be fully vaccinated to go.

Picture: Gobustan petroglyphs, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Dune": Timothee Chalamet will play "saviour" in the remake, due Oct. 1

USA Oregon Dunes


FabTV has a 17-minute preview trailer of “Dune”, which Warner Brothers and HBO Max will release on Oct. 1, 2021.

I remember reading Dune, Frank Herbert’s novel,  in paperback, shortly after it was published, in the summer maybe of 1967, while I was in graduate school.  I saw the first film in 1984, directed by David Lynch.  I remember the Guild as a detached brain inside a box.

Oh, if we had four planets we could freely travel among in our solar system.

Dune seems to be the main one.  Timothee Chalamet will play the young avatar Paul Altreides, and the idea is a bit Smallville-like;  he seems to be intended to grow up as a savior of others.  His mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) seems capable to challenging people with her deadly devices like the gom jabber.  I do recall that the desert planet was the center of the system’s economy because of the “spice” and that he sandworms were a threat – until Paul rides one.

Denis Villeneuve directs and has adapted the new version to the screen.

Picture: Oregon Dunes, embedded, Wikipedia, click for attribution 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

"Mensa Told Me to Delete My IQ Video" (well, not mine, anyway)


Arts exhibit, Rafko Park, Leesburg VA, 2017-7

An appealing mathematician from Germany who runs the Flammable Math channel reports:

“Mensa Told Me to Delete My IQ Video (My IQ Is Not 145)”/

He made the video unlisted.  But he was also criticized for discussing the Mensa test, even generally.  He wonders if this is a copyright issue, but if he talked generally about it, probably no.  Maybe there is a trade secrets or contractual issue.

Monday, July 19, 2021

"What Exactly Is Post-Modernism?", according to Ryan Chapman (two types!)

garden on 14th ST DC 2021/7

What Exactly Is Post-Modernism?”, by Ryan Chapman, Aug. 26, 2020.

Ryan describes two types of post-modernism, which followed the “modernism” of liberalism (which in turn followed the Enlightenment).  It is interesting at the outset that modern liberalism really does need some foundation in truth, that is discoverable and stable and can lead to progress for everyone.  One might even argue that conscious beings must exist because mathematics is incomplete:  so mathematics needs local intelligence to make choices.  But individualism of consciousness means competition, and some individuals fall behind, so there is always tension over equity. 

Ryan first describes French post-modernism, as an attempt to loosen up rationality and make it more fluid and more able to enlarge life.  But the radical post-modernism of the far Left has become obsessed with placing people into groups and classifying them as oppressed or oppressors, something that needs to be fixed reparatively.  He makes mention of "first principles" (covered by Tyler Mowery in his Writers Mind, video Episode 9). He makes a comparison between Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, interesting.  

Sunday, July 18, 2021

"Never Too Late": A gay basketball player deals with HIV positivity as he meets people


soccer field, Arlington VA 2021/7

Never Too Late”, 5 minutes, short film by Roger Slate in August 2016.

An attractive, college-age young man is shooting hoops when another young man walking a dog comes by and makes friends.

Then we learn that the basketball player is HIV-positive and tells his doctor that the protease inhibitors cause headaches and nausea.  Then he has to tell his new boyfriend.

The film seems to come from southern California and is fully American, but YouTube has some credits in Russian alphabet, which is odd.

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Hoh Rain Forest, and Glacier National Park, as per Ethan, during a heat dome

Highline Trail (4169004303)

Ethan travels from Kalispell MT to WA, but makes a visit to Glacier National Park, which was still closed when I tried to visit it in 1981.

He also hotwires his van to provide new air conditioning from Walmart.  He is enduring the Pacific Northwest heat dome.

He winds up at the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington state.

Picture: Highline trail near Going to the Sun road in Glacier, Wikipedia embed, click for attibution 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Why the West Isn't Having Kids": New Culture Forum Channel interview


NJ, from Freedom Tower 2015-11

Why the West Isn’t Having Kids” or “Why the West isn’t having children and Why Elite Men are having all the Fun”, from the New Culture Forum Channel, May 19, 2021.

Petter Whittle interviews expectant married journalist Alexi Kaschuta, from her studio (zoomed onto a flatscreen) in Romania.

They discuss assortive mating, and whether that is inevitable and perpetuates wealth gaps among people.  Well, of course it does.  Heterosexual men want the most nubile women, and conversely would-be mothers would want the most economically resourceful future husbands.  I remember all that from my own heterosexual dating in 1971 (it’s in my short story “Expedition” in the DADT III book).  This is all basic George Gilder stuff from the 1986 book Men and Marriage.  The problem was, conservatives assumed forced monogamy and fidelity thought that would help gradually redistribute wealth more fairy on its own, and it didn’t.   As H Ross Perot said in 1992, “trickle down didn’t trickle”.  But of course another problem is that people (like me) find cultural satisfaction by outflanking marriage altogether, which is one reason for the population demographics issue. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

"The Marxism Behind Leftist Identity Politics", by Ryan Chapman


Pride NYC 2021 anti-gun group 

Ryan Chapman gives an lucid explanation of “The Marxism Behind Leftist Identity Politics, Explained”, Feb 1, 2021.

Chapman explains how Marxism and communism arose as a result of a failure of “liberalism”, which today might almost be called libtertarianism, which left many people behind to fail personally.  It was easy to perceive their labor as exploited by those with more property and to consider them oppressed as a group (workers).  Colonialism and slavery (and settlement of indigenous lands) provided an excuse to invent a similar ideology for race.

Chapman also traces the Frankfurt School and the writings particularly of Marcuse, to a system where society is divided into groups of oppressors and the oppressed.  The idea is circular, as the oppressed get to define who is the oppressor.  Oppressors are considered like witches and given false choices.  Critical Race Theory arose with a substitution of race for economic class, but it is also profoundly collectivist, anti-individual, and demands that the individual become socialized through lived experiences of the group.  This identarianism can create its own moral contradictions when dealing with gender and sexuality. 

Chapman has shorter videos on May 28 and July 11 focusing just on CRT.  He warns that activism is a component of the theory, and it is not just simply something that is taught as another ideology in academia.  The idea of anti-racism makes personal demands of everyone, and in theory could override a country’s constitution.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

"The Science of Being Gay": OK, genetics, but what about epigenetics


NYC Pride 2021-6 Bryant Park June 27

The Science of Being Gay”, from the Powered by Rainbows Channel, with Dr. Matt Haslam.

As in a video recently shown discussing the biology of gender identity, this looks at statistical studies on sexual orientation.

Haslam claims there are myriads of genes that can influence sexual orientation.  He depicts it as somewhat a mathematical effect, perhaps of set theory, the way the genes aggregated together “measure” or develop a size (which could converge or diverge mathematically -- go ahead and prove the theorems). Nature really tries everything to find out what works in the long run for a larger community in aggregate.   

What’s interesting is that he doesn’t mention epigenetics.  It’s well established that in families with more than one son, each son further down in birth order has an increased probability of being gay.  The mother’s body reacts differently to subsequent sons during pregnancy.  It is almost like nature’s way of optimizing family size:  have just enough children for future generations to be stable and able to feed themselves.  In more primitive societies, the gay sons are supposed to behave “altruistically” and provide backup for essential functions in the society or family.  In liberal modernism, the practical reality is that the gay sons are more likely to become MGTOW, men going their own way.  All of this is particularly the case in higher income, higher IQ families.

He does cite a statistic to the effect that CIS gay adults are about seven times as common as transgender (and non-binary) individuals, and bisexual is actually about eight times as common.

Monday, July 12, 2021

"Critical Race Theory" as explained by Christopher F. Rufo


Richmond statues 2020-06 Monument Ave 

Christopher F. Rufo presents a challenging 17-minute video called simply “Critical Race Theory”, as of June 14, 2021.

Rufo presents its aims as revolutionary and communist, where race has replaced economic class in parlance.

For example, he says that Ibram Kendi’s proposals would, through the authority given to a ‘Department of Anti-Racism”, end federalism and even private property and free speech; all experience would be collectivized by race.

He presents the numerous reports of schools and even workplaces forcing their stakeholders (students or workers) to attend sometimes segregated workshops where they must classify themselves as “oppressors”.  It is unclear to what extent this is actually happening under the nose of society.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

"The Frankfort School: From a Failed Revolution to Critical Theory" (Thomas Nichols)


 Thomas Nichols (IK) describes “The Frankfort School: From a Failed Revolution to Critical Theory” (25 min).

He describes the way logic and economic theory drove society toward cultural conformity, at the loss of individuality.

The Institute moved around the world from the end of WWI until after WWII when it moved back to West Germany.

The move toward critical theory became a pessimistic evaluation of the inevitability of power structures.

He discusses the 1968 protests in France, which encouraged the film from Bernado Bertolucci and Fox Searchlight, “The Dreamers”, where Michael Pitt’s body gets challenged, to say the least, by the playful twins he stays with, legacy review  (March 21, 2018).  It has an NC-17 version. 

Wikipedia embed show Frankfurt school location today in Frankfurt, click for attribution 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

"The Science of Being Transgender", as explained by "Rainbow Science Class"


Go Gay DC flag

“Powered by Rainbows” or “Rainbow Science Class” teaches “The Science of Being Transgender”.

The video maintains that gender is defined in the brain, and usually, but not always, matches the genitals.  The brain MRI patterns of males and women are very different, with non-binary mixed and much less common but still happens.  These seem to be caused by epigenetics.

At about 9 minutes into the video the teacher (who says he is a cis gay male) discusses the pronoun issue.

He discusses the ages at which puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery may legally done according to the medical community (and would oppose state laws that interfere with medicine). Puberty blocker treatment is reversible, he says. Visitors should know that often learning difficulties and ADHD often  improve in teenagers when they start puberty (especially for boys).  It doesn't sound like it is a good idea to use them except when really "necessary".  Yet there are extremists (on the fringe Left) who want all teens to take blockers until they "choose" their pronouns.  

I present these videos to allow visitors to learn about the controversies and let speakers tell us the science as best we know it.  I am not “promoting” it.

Picture:  GoGayDC may be reached on Facebook here

Friday, July 09, 2021

"New Mars": preassigned heterosexual couples emerge from underground to populate a terraformed Mars

Perspective view of Korolev crater


In “New Mars”, a 19-minute film on DUST (May 21, 2021), people have been living in underground caves for eons on Mars, having migrated from Earth, which got destroyed.  “They were spoiled.”

One day, men and women are assigned to each other as mates to go out into the terraformed world and repopulate it.

They’re each assigned to a farm with an earthlike Soviet-style building to live in. 

They’ve been chemically treated to increase sexual attraction.  All perfectly set up.

Wikipedia picture of Korolev crater, click for attribution.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

"The Story of Action Park" (NJ), and its history as a risky water park to visit (on Fantastic Horrors)

Action Park (2999307425)

 The Story of Action Park”, from Sept 29, 2020, a “Short Documentary” on the Fascinating Horror channel.

This was a theme park and water park in Vernon, NJ (in the mountains in the NW near the Delaware Water Gap)  that opened in Vernon NJ on May 26, 1978.

In retrospect, the park was known dangerous rides with six deaths and many serious injuries over the years, because many guests were physically able to perform on the rides well enough.

The company went bankrupt in the mid 90s and operated without insurance in its last year before closing and being sold to a Canadian company that made the park much safer.

I was living in Manhattan (between the villages) the year it opened, last year, and sometimes took bus trips to attractions like this.  Good think I didn’t.

In Dallas (where I lived in the 80s) there were two water parks in the mid-Cities, and one got bought out by the other.

Picture, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

“Trappist-1: Weirdest Habitable Worlds” from NASA JPL

Comparison of TRAPPIST-1 to the Solar System


7 Earth-Sized Planets Around the Star ‘Trappist-1’” from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, otherwise called “Trappist-1: Weirdest Habitable Worlds

The fourth planet, D, may have an average surface temperature of 55F and might be the most habitable (wiki).

The planets may be tidally locked like “eyeball planets” with a twilight zone of milder temperatures.

The NASA article has a 3-D simulation view of the surface of the surface of 1D (360 degrees oculus image) with red sky and snow, but this may be closer to a pole or father from the twilight middle if the average is warmer. 

“Launch Pad Astronomy” in 2018 offered a 12-minute video “Could Life Exist around Red-Dwarf Stars?”   These stars are enormously active with flares until the grow old, but they last a long time.  After hundreds of billions of years, stable life could develop, far in the future, maybe with reincarnations of us living on them.

Wikipedia comparison of Trappist-1 system to our solar system, embed, click for attribution

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

"NYC: A Documentary of Urban Decay", by Macbook repair business owner Louis Rossmann (and Mr. Clinton the Cat?)


Chelsea, NYC, near 7th Ave, June 27, 2021;  Gay Pride was about a half mile away

Louis Rossmann, owner of the Rossmann Repair Group, which repairs MacBooks and similar hardware, does a walking tour of 7th Avenue from 27th St, where his own shop is located, and he calls his 28-minute film “NYC: A Documentary of Urban Decay”.

He depicts, in almost every block, businesses that closed for good during the pandemic and after damage during the George Floyd riots.

He (after recharging his phone apparently) offered a 48 bike tour of NYC right after July 4 on his channel.

On Sunday, June 27, on Gay Pride weekend, I walked up to the location of his business, and the area was deserted.  The Fashion Technology center was across 7rh Avenue.  The march had gone down 5th Avenue, and the people were in the Village, from 7th Ave all the way to Washington Square Park, where there were a few incidents.

Rossmann often points out that landlords want much more to rent a space than the market will bear right now.  Particularly interesting to me was his depiction of the old Rivera cafe, in a triangular lot on 7th Ave about Sheridan Square.  I had a very important conversation with a friend there over chocolate ice cream in May 1978 after going to see the play "The Fifth of July" nearby.  The cafe had closed in 2019 (World Pride), before the pandemic.  There is a big sign "Texas" above it. 

Riviera cafe site, 2021/6/27

Rossmann also recently did a 3-week tour of the south, especially Florida, looking for places to establish new branches (or maybe franchise locations?) for his business.  I think he could trademark his cat’s name, Mr. Clinton, as a franchise name, because the cat has such unusual charisma on his video channel, always talking and getting attention.

Monday, July 05, 2021

“Mao Tse-Tung: The Greatest Revolutionary of Our Time”, propaganda film from the 60s according to his followers

Map of the Long March 1934-1935-en



Single Spark Films, which says it is not the same as Single-Spark Marist-Leninist Archive, posted in early 2014, the grainy film “Mao Tse-Tung: The Greatest Revolutionary of Our Time”. He is also known as Mao Zedong

The footage starts in 1949, when the Chinese communists have thrown out the “Japanese imperialist”   But soon the hostility was toward all western, especially US, capitalism.  Mao believed that the Soviet Union, under Khrushchev, was slouching toward capitalism.  Maoism became the Chinese variant of Marxism-Leninism. The film mentions some historical experiments, like the Paris Commune of 1871. 

The film mentions The Long March and the Great Leap Forward before it covers the Cultural Revolution which started in 1966 and was particularly punitive of the intellectual “elite” who could not work with their hands.

Personal identity was to be achieved only in the mass, not the individual.

What effective propaganda!

Wikipedia embed of the route of the Long March, click for attribution. 

Sunday, July 04, 2021

"3 Climate Change Solutions that Could Actually Happen", from the Climate Change channel

R134a container


“3 Climate Change Solutions that Could Actually Happen”, from the Climate Change channel.

The three listed are as followsL

Replace HFC refrigerants with natural ones (HFC’s were introduced to replace fluorocarbons in the late 1980s to protect the ozone layer, but HFC’s are greenhouse gasses.  This might affect appliances (refrigerators) sold in the future but the video doesn’t explain in detail how other refrigerants would work.

Emphasize particularly on shore wind turbines.

Encourage individuals to switch to plant-based diets.  Agricultural subsidies for meat farming should stop.

The tone of the film at the end is blunt, and mentions taking to the streets.  

R134A container picture, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

Friday, July 02, 2021

"Was Covid Created in a Lab? Here Is What We Know", a short film by Johnny Harris


NIH, 2015

Was COVID Created in a Lab?  Here Is What We Know”.

OK, Johnny Harris simply lays it out.  The biggest risk for natural spillover was in southern China.  Wuhan is in central China, and has one of the three virology labs in the world that does gain-of-function research on coronaviruses.  The other two are in Chapel Hill NC and Galveston TX.

And we have never found an intermediate animal host with SARS_CoV2.  Harris does discuss the anti-Trump political climate that kept the mainstream media from taking the lab leak idea seriously, and aptly criticizes WHO's recent visit, and Peter Duszak's "conflict of interest" (and oddly, "skin in the game" in a negative sense).  He says the species jump from a wild animal is still a reasonable hypothesis, despite circumstantial evidence.  He also says he could not have made this video a few months ago and kept it to stay up. 

Harris doesn’t mention the specifics of how furin cleavage happens, which, while it does happen in coronaviruses, seems to have happened in an unusual way with this virus, according to some experts as in a recent Wall Street Journal article.   That’s Chris Martenson’s video May 4, 2020.

This video needs to gain some traction.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

"What We Learned from the UFO Report" (Unveiled)

International UFO Museum and Research Center Roswell New Mexico


"What We Learned from the UFO Report", June 30, 2021, on Unveiled .

The video maintains that 1 out of 144 reports was identified as a balloon, but the others are totally unexplained.  They find it hard to believe any rival country (China, Russia) has this technology.

If it were aliens, who did they get here and deal with the speed of light?  Worm holes?

The buzzword is “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

 Picture:  UFO Museum in Roswell, NM;  I visited in April 1998, Wikipedia embed.