Tuesday, June 01, 2021

"Why Do Terrence Malick's Movies Look Like That?" (Flight)


Roadside America, PA, 2011

Thomas Flight asks “Why Do Terrence Malick’s Movies Look Like That?”

He discusses Malick’s long hiatus from filmmaking, to do things his way, to connect his characters and stories to a deeper process within the environment.

He often uses wide angle lens, low shots, and back lighting, and his storylines may seem arbitrary, and more about circumstance and setting.

A couple of my favorites are “Knight of Cups” (March 17, 2016) and “Tree of Life” (June 3, 2011).

I suppose that his approach could work with the present day scenes in my own screenplay “Second Epiphany”, on the spaceship; they would not work with the backstories, which have to be very precise.

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