Sunday, June 27, 2021

Unherd event: "Has Lockdown Changed Us Forever?"


NYC outdoor dining at Pride 2021-6

Freddie Sayers of the Unherd Channel conducts a 60-minute panel discussion “Has Lockdown Changed Us Forever?” I’ll count this as a “movie” for purposes of this blog.

This discussion comes from the UK, which has delayed full reopening until at least late July because of the Delta Variant. 

Freddie notes at the beginning that people have accepted a “reduced way of life” personally and may have to accept a more collectivized, authoritarian society.

One speaker immediately talked about forced separation from loved ones for very long periods.

Another speaker referred to “what nature could do to us?” Or was it Communist China? There was mention of China’s culture of absolute “compliance”. One speaker and then Freddie note that Covid suggests what a “war with China would look like; we’d lose.”

One speaker notes the shock that the churches closed down. We are at the "Death knell of the liberal order".  The World was already a strange place at the end of 2019.  They were also concerned about "back and forth" lockdowns. And finally believing that a new moral order (constraining individualism and personal agency) may be coming. 

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