Saturday, June 19, 2021

"In the Woods We Can Be Together", two appealing men develop a relationship in the woods.


Ohio near Mt Vernon, 2012

In the Woods We Can Be Together”, directed and written by Ryan Schneider, posted in Oct. 2018, is a “long short” at 41 minutes but a good example of straightforward storytelling of a gay male short-term relationship.

Alex Little plays an appealing, clean-cut, non-nonsense med student living in an immaculate apartment near a state park in hilly southern Ohio. He likes to run every morning, and one day he passes by a tall construction worker played by Taylor Riebel.  The encounters repeat, and soon conversation begins. Riebel doesn't like social media or exchanging numbers, and wants the interaction to stay local, in the real world. 

The med student is gay, the construction worker is straight, usually, but strongly attracted to intact men. The discussions of medicine lead to a kiss attempt.  Riebel backs away, but comes back to the park and eventually the pairing continues.  It eventually leads to, well, Little’s apartment.

The Riebel decides he wants to go to college himself and escape his world, and moves away, leaving a memento.

The film was shot entirely on an iPhone 8 Plus, with some glare once in a while.

So is this a good example of straightforward screenwriting?

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