Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Click, Print, Gun": documentary from Vice about Cody Wilson and 3-D Printed weapons (2013)


Austin, TX, 2011/11

Click, Print, Gun”, a March 2013 documentary from Vice Motherboard, by Erin Lee Carr, also having the alternative title "3-D Printed Guns".

The film traces the work of Cody Wilson near Austin, Texas to develop the capability for manufacturing guns by 3-D printing.  But the license to do so is tied to a particular location, he says.  His company is called Defense Distributed.

There have been bills in Congress (as Sem Ed Markey has just introduced for the 117th) to ban 3-D printing of weapons and even distribution of blueprints. These could lead to more Internet censorship issues because the information itself is normally lawful. 

The film notes the political climate of the time, after the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut.

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