Sunday, May 16, 2021

“Why NASA’s New Space Telescope Will Discover Aliens” (Unveiled), from the James Webb

James Webb Space Telescope 2009 top


Why NASA’s New Space Telescope Will Discover Aliens”, from Unveiled.

The James Webb telescope will be much more sensitive to infrared than the Hubble Telescope, so it can see through things.  It will sit at the Earth’s L2 Lagrange point.  It would be able to look back to formations that existed 300000 years after the Big Bang.

So it should be able to analyze extrasolar planet systems accurately.

Machio Kaku believes the telescope will find something,

An earlier video by Unveiled rather pooh-poohed the idea that Rosewell and Area 51 hide alien artefacts.

Tonight (May 16), CBS 60 minutes reported that US pilots regularly report UFO’s that they can’t identify, as perhaps Russian or Chinese supersecret spy craft.  

Picture: Wikipedia embed of Webb Telescope, click for attribtion 

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