Thursday, May 13, 2021

"Why Do Wes Anderson's Movies Look Like That?": that is, nearly animated, almost cubist?


17th St DC with cubist outdoor dining 

Thomas Flight asks, “Why do Wes Anderson’s Movies Look Like That?

Flight discusses several films (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Moonrise Kingdom”, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”) with respect to a kind of anti-naturalism, where he uses geometry in “planecentric composition” and “compass point editing”.  His shots are composed of planes parallel or perpendicular, giving real events (often historical) a kind of animated look.

Flight notes Anderson’s use of real animal fur in the Fox movie (maybe an ethical question) based on a ruffling effect from “King Kong”, and compares Anderson’s technique to Christopher Nolan, who makes impossible situations (like floating in hallways in “Inception”) seem natural and real.

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