Tuesday, May 25, 2021

"The Horseman": a very curious gay adult film, seems to want to be more than "porn"


near Palm Springs, 2012 

I found a curious film directed by Nica Noelle, apparently shot in 2008, called “The Horseman”, on a channel called “Amazing Videos”

Some gumshoeing turned up the film, which can be rented, at this site, matching imdb. 

Trend Micro checks the site as safe technically and apparently with credit cards.  The entire film is apparently 139 minutes long and was finally released in 2013, and was produced by “Rock Candy Films”.

The 42-minute film version posted on May 17, 2021 (by Amazing Videos).  It appears from a cursory research that an attempt was made to create non-hard-core film with a legitimate plot and post it on YT.  The abridged version on YT is low-definition.  I don’t have anyway of knowing if the 42-minute post is legal as for copyright, but the video is age-restricted on YT and has 25000 vides on a channel with a little over 80 subscribers in a few days.  The notes list the music, so it might have been licensed. 

Many soft-core gay porn clips appear on YT, stay up for some months or a year, and then suddenly the channel is terminated, probably for copyright strikes. 

The plot concerns a young heterosexually married man (Logan Vaughn) who has left an accounting job in Los Angeles and bought a ranch out in the exurbs of LA (hope he is far enough away from potential wildfires, seriously) with his wife.  Immediately, he meets a handsome ranchhand who takes care of the horses.  They flirt.

In the meantime, his wife arranges for a female friend to come out to visit.  In time, there are confrontations as to the fact that not only are the ranchhands gay but so is the new owner (in the closer).

The 42-minute version, as presented, then moves into present an intriguing backstory scene about the ranchand, and still another man whom he had crashed with.  The scene is quite suspenseful erotically, not showing “too much”, but very passionate about some aspects of “masculinity”.   That scene had appeared on other “gay softcore” channels on its own, and one (previously available and now removed) version of the scene (in higher definition) starts later and adds a close where the men do go down on a bed.  The film obviously views its gay men (all Caucasian as far as I could see) as very binary cis males indeed.  This is going the opposite direction from the woke left.   

One had the feeling that the entire film, stripped of gratuitous hardcore porn which may be on the hotmovies website, probably has a pretty interesting story circle and character arcs as far as screenwriting goes.

Softcore porn, if done well, and when staying with one scene and one encounter, can be more “satisfying” than all the gratuitous stuff in leather bars (and we wonder if they will comeback as Covid declines).  Now I have no (moral) problem with a hardcore (“adult”) film that you pay for if there is a real story, real characters, and real suspense; but very often the gratuitousness of the porn just wastes time and blows away any suspense.

“Horseman” has been a title of several other films of imdb.

The only trailer I could find for Rock Candy was “Secrets and Lies” (2016).

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