Monday, May 03, 2021

Perspectopia presents: Brazilian vs. American High School Day in Pandemic

Avenida Paulista no pôr do sol


"Brazilian vs. American High School Day in Pandemic", from Perspectopia, presents several teens in brazil and at least one in Connecticut discuss partial online school.

Brazil has generally not been as energetic with restrictions as the US, which has contributed to massive and deadly waves recently, although not as large as India’s. 

Teens need to get back to in-person learning.  How do you do laboratory science like in chemistry?

Perspectopia’s teens are producing one video every Sunday, and Max Reisinger appears to be letting it do its thing with no editorial control now.

I wonder how important fluency in Spanish is in a country that speaks the very similar Portuguese. 

Sao Paolo, embed from Wikipedia, click for attribution 

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