Monday, May 31, 2021

“Mathematicians v. Physics Classes Be Like …” : two profs take turns playing student

Las Cruces NM and Organ Mountains


“Mathematicians v. Physics Classes Be Like …” (from 2019)

Here, Andrew Dotson, graduate student at New Mexico State University (Ph D Program in Physics) teaches physics, and a mathematics teacher from Germany (I have seen his videos on Flammable Maths) wants rigorous proofs for all boundary conditions.  Graduate school makes it easy to isolate yourself to study online during a pandemic.

The lack of “decidability” of everything is one reason the Universe had entropy and needs consciousness.

The video includes an unusually long ad spiel from Brilliant.

Dotson turns the tables in this companion video, where Dotson asks the questions.

Picture: Las Cruces, home of NMSU.  I had a topology professor from that school when I was a grad student at KU 1966-1968.

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