Wednesday, May 05, 2021

"Kalewa": an astronaut from Hawaii recalls his last family gathering on Earth as he comes to an unfortunate end on an alien planet not too many light years away.


Shelfie photo 

Here’s a sci-fi short with a curious layering, “Kalewa”, directed by Mitchel Viernes, on the Dust channel (15 min). 

IN 204, a Hawaiian astronaut Kainoa (Michael Hake), is exploring a volcanic planet in a nearby solar system, and has to make it back to base camp to return when he discovers he has low oxygen. 

As he struggles to return and to fix the problem (caused by a hacker’s data corruption), he recalls a going-away party with his family in 2036.  There is tension because he was not around for his mother’s passing.  On an alien world, as he contemplates his own passing, he honors his family with a message.  

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