Sunday, May 23, 2021

"Is Consciousness Entirely Physical?": Interview, about the mathematics of it


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Is Consciousness Entirely Physical?  Interview with philosopher Giulio Toroni  (March 21)

Consciousness consists of a collection of indivisible experiences by one entity. For example, you experience a conversation with someone from it’s meaning, not each syllable of word.  Likewise, you experience music in chunks, not just each note. You could probably reduce consciousness to set theory (and talk about the axiom of choice and the like).  Each nugget of information has a size.

So consciousness itself does not depend on a particular object, exact that the living being hosts it.  You can sense conflicts:  Your brain controls your body, but a muscle twitch seems to come from a mechanism that has a sub-mind of its own.

A dream can be an experience, and is probably not divisible into many separate pieces.

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