Tuesday, May 18, 2021

"C.O.R.I.": an appealing young man with more problems than are apparent at first sight has a way to leave his own "biological" legacy


UNC, 2015

C.O.R.I. is a new short film about artificial intelligence by Phelan Davis.

Phelan plays himself as a handsome you software engineer working on the world’s first conscious AI entity.  It does know how to play chess (and administer elementary mates.)  He seems well off and optimistic, but his girl friend living with feels she isn’t getting enough attention.

Then he suddenly tells us his lungs are filling up, and that he has cancer, and he is trying to leave a legacy. An artificial human since he can’t procreate a real one.

Well, then, he lives inside a computer indeed, even after the girl friend tries to destroy it.  It mus have reassembled itself.

Of course, what comes to mind is Alexa.

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