Monday, May 17, 2021

“Cappucci Social Media Field Reel” starts out in one of the Earth's driest places

Snow Comes to the Atacama Desert


Cappucci Social Media Field Reel” (May 10, 2021) is an unassuming name for a short film. It’s a sampling of the weather chasing and otherwise world touring by 23-year-old Matthew Cappucci, who works as a reporter for the Washington Post’s Weather Gang, but spends a lot of time in Texas and the Midwest chasing big storms. 

His style is one of tremendous energy.  I’d expect to see more visit counts than I do because generally his videos (as on twitter) are well-made and contain a lot of outdoor adventure.

In this video, he samples some difficult-to-reach places like the Atacama desert (a really stroking desert image) in Bolivia (Uyuni) or Chile (I wonder if he has video of  Tiahuanoco or of Lake Titicaca) and in China.  I almost went to the Andes in the late summer of 1974 and settled for Mexico City instead, and why makes an interesting narrative for another time.  I don't think the train crossing the Andes at 16000 feet near copper mines runs now. An adventure on China's Tibetan high speed train could be interesting (if politically taboo). 

We’ll hear a lot more from him in hurricane season, anticipating the tracks of storms. I hope he'll turn attention to space weather (predicting big coronal mass ejections, which could fry many of our electric grids if large enough at the "wrong" time, as we had a close call in 2012). 

As a bonus, watch “The Adventurer Writer” from Tyler Mowery’s Writers Mind (one thinks of Jack London) or on Instagram look at the adventurous short film from his 2021 Hawaii trip. (Instagram members only, and it flashes a message that the owner knows you viewed the story, which is an odd thing, but that's how social media works -- Instagram also points you to video in any account with circles under the account name with highlights). 

Picture:  Paranal Observatory, Chile in the Atacama, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution

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