Wednesday, May 05, 2021

"Kalewa": an astronaut from Hawaii recalls his last family gathering on Earth as he comes to an unfortunate end on an alien planet not too many light years away.


Shelfie photo 

Here’s a sci-fi short with a curious layering, “Kalewa”, directed by Mitchel Viernes, on the Dust channel (15 min). 

IN 204, a Hawaiian astronaut Kainoa (Michael Hake), is exploring a volcanic planet in a nearby solar system, and has to make it back to base camp to return when he discovers he has low oxygen. 

As he struggles to return and to fix the problem (caused by a hacker’s data corruption), he recalls a going-away party with his family in 2036.  There is tension because he was not around for his mother’s passing.  On an alien world, as he contemplates his own passing, he honors his family with a message.  

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

"I Hate Junk Mail", explained by Johnny Harris



my own junk mail, small sample, 2021

I Hate Junk Mail”, aka, “Junk Mail, Explained” by Johnny Harris

Harris starts out by explaining he has no problems with ads in public spaces (highway or barn billboards) or even ads served to him online by algorithms. 

But he does had a problem with telemarketing, direct mail, and email marketing, which he says crosses his red line.

He would probably include cold calls to telemarketing. 

He didn’t include the deluge of mail from non-profits, not just thank-you letters but pleas for campaigns if you give to them automatically through a trust, which I (in retirement) do.

One problem with “whining” about this would be, this is just how you have to play ball in the market. I had many job interviews after my post-9/11 layoff at age 58 and I saw this is just how it is done.

But Harris goes ways that companies (he uses Doordash) get around the “privacy policy” problem by offshoring it to databrokers anyway, legally;  then he explains a similar mechanism with the USPS and its NCOA (National Change of Address) which is coordinated with companies like Group-1 Software (part of Pitney Bowes – I had a job interview with them on January 3, 2003 and never heard back, interesting).   One idea would be to put everything on the NCOA database and let credit-grantors use it to check for identity theft (my ID blog, Sept. 25, 2006). 

This video was particularly interesting to me, at least. I have to get junk mail discarded from a high rise building, and the pandemic has actually complicated that, a lot. 

Monday, May 03, 2021

Perspectopia presents: Brazilian vs. American High School Day in Pandemic

Avenida Paulista no pôr do sol


"Brazilian vs. American High School Day in Pandemic", from Perspectopia, presents several teens in brazil and at least one in Connecticut discuss partial online school.

Brazil has generally not been as energetic with restrictions as the US, which has contributed to massive and deadly waves recently, although not as large as India’s. 

Teens need to get back to in-person learning.  How do you do laboratory science like in chemistry?

Perspectopia’s teens are producing one video every Sunday, and Max Reisinger appears to be letting it do its thing with no editorial control now.

I wonder how important fluency in Spanish is in a country that speaks the very similar Portuguese. 

Sao Paolo, embed from Wikipedia, click for attribution 

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Was Lionsgate's "Chaos Walking" really "unreleaseable"?


wasteland from a plane 2018

I don’t do this very often, but I’ll skip a supposedly bad release of a sci-fi movie and let Filmento show why Lionsgate’s “Chaos Walking” is a prototype for “How to Make an Unreleaseable Movie: Anatomy of a Failure”.

The film presents an alien planet where all thoughts can be mind-read and where all the women were killed. (“Children of Men”??) 

Previous Spider Man Tom Holland plays Todd Hewitt, who encounters a girl Viola (Daisy Ridley) who has crash landed on the planet, and, well, needs to be rescued.  The video explains how the script is filled with unrelated ideas and concepts that seem to dead-end. 

The YouTube video calls the film “unreleaseable” but in fact it was released with poor results, but rents for the high price of $19.99 on Amazon Prime.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

"What If a Wormhole Formed in our Solar System?" Could angels use it?



“What If” presents “What If a Wormhole Formed in our Solar System?” (Feb 5. 2019)

It would likely be microscopic and close immediately.  It would be tremendously massive for its size and you would need “negative energy” to navigate it.

If it were very large it would affect the orbits of the planets.

Yet, it’s a way to cheat the speed of light and travel quickly to very remote places.  Airfare, seats, and masks, anyone?  Headed for the Trappist system?  Maybe only angels can use the system, rather like Congress’s subway. 

Embed of shortcut on Earth, Wikipedia, click for attribution