Saturday, April 17, 2021

"Why So Many People Want to Be Writers", animated


my high school, rebuilt 

The School of Life presents “Why So Many People Want to Be Writers”, animated, 5 minutes, 2019, 

Why not change “be writers” to “write”? Yup, many first novels are autobiographical, from those prolific with the pen or keyboard but who don't bond to people in groups easily. 

The short film makes us wonder if literature, even as we study it in high school English and undergraduate college, was a replacement for “real life” for the authors.  Remember the 1950's card game "Authors"? 

It is a desire to be heard when the real world won’t listen and is already too polarized by its own intersectional whining.  But then, for tribal people, rioting is the remedy of the unheard. 

Even Socrates said this.

So I wonder what School of Life would think of Tyler Mowery’s recent YT series “The Writer’s Mind”, on Patreon (part of it members only).

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