Thursday, April 22, 2021

“White People Have No Culture” (but CRT says we all do)



Denis Borges has a 3-minute short, “White People Have No Culture”, with a background a movement from Vivaldi’s “The Seasons” (summer).

The film goes on to display a lot architecture and art, especially in Europe.  There is a Maypole and an image that looks like it came from “Midsommar”.

Outside of the fringe right, white people in the US don’t experience an “identity group” the way BLM and critical race theory says they are supposed to.  But that is because of inheriting the status as the "default" group with hidden privilege from the ancestral past, perhaps.  

Picture: Bilbao, Spain, with Guggenheim, visited myself in April 2001, click for Wikipedia attribution. 

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