Saturday, April 03, 2021

“We Need to Talk about Anti-Asian Hate”, from Eugene Lee Yang


driving to downtown LA, 2012

Here is a special 70 minute documentary on YouTube “We Need to Talk about Anti-Asian Hate”, written and directed by Eugene Lee Yang..

His film discusses the 1991 killing of Latasha Harlins, by a manager at a Korean store in Los Angeles, and the subtle effect it had of diving POC minorities for a time.  After Rodney King’s killing in 1991 and the acquittal of the policeman, Korean-American businesses became targets of looting. The Oscar nominated documentary short “A Love Song for Natasha”, on Netflix is mentioned in the film (Esquire review).

He has a featured YouTube creator essay today by the same name here. 

I simply never encounter this personally.  There is an element of our society that is very tribal and very gullible and influenced by slogans (as from the mouth of former president Donald Trump). 

One of the main grocery businesses in Arlington VA, the Westover Market, which has a bar and book-reading events (though not during the pandemic) and runs charity events and concerts outdoors is run by a Korean-American (mixed) family.

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