Monday, April 26, 2021

"Unfamiliar Cosmos": a potential "couple" of masculine angels negotiate the after life and need to survive going through a black hole into a new universe to be together


my own alternative world is a mess right now!

Unfamiliar Cosmos (2020, 30 min), by Phelan Davis.

A young man (Joe Finley) wakes up in what seems like a multi-dimensional space-time box and wanders through it, meeting a potential companion (is it Phelan)?  Separately, they negotiate the cosmos, which a quick visit to Joe’s home and mom frozen in time, and then through various geometries until they reach a black hole, which Joe survives, getting into the next universe.  Along the way, he sees that Earth has burnt to a crisp.

Phelan tries to make the same journey so they can be together.  Will he be able to survive the next, weakless universe?  You get the impression they are supposed to be angels, and maybe a couple, both being attractive, clean-cut, cis males (when they regenerate from the spacesuits).  Maybe they were created as robots and became conscious, or maybe they are truly angels like in the Bible.  Maybe this is a pitch for gay marriage in the cosmos?  The trouble is, the new Universe needs room for both of them, to be in “power”. Whatever the thematic, this is safely PG-13.   The music score plays with microtones a bit, pretty effectively in refining the pitch of repeated musical intervals. 

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