Sunday, April 25, 2021

Oscars for 2021 held late, but at Union Station in Los Angeles, and made into a movie itself

Union Station, John & Donald Parkinson, Architects 1939


Here’s a BBC tour of Union Station in Los Angeles for the Oscars, which spreads out the presenters and actors, as if the ceremony were a movie itself.  (Embed from BBC). 

There are lots of homeless living very near the station.

I’m not sure what the used the Kodak Theater for at all this year.

And the Oscars this year refer to movies that very largely were streamed because of the pandemic.

Here is the list of Oscar winners.  “Nomadland” won.  My own choice was “Mank” or “Trial of the Chicago 7”.

Chris Cerrone’s “Invisible Cities” was performed in the LA Union Station (Drama blog, Feb. 10, 2016).

Films shot on location at Union Station (Google):

Blade Runner.

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

Drag Me to Hell.

Gable and Lombard.


Pearl Harbor.


In the Moo 

Union Station waiting room, Wikipedia embed, click for attribution.

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