Saturday, April 24, 2021

"How to Find Your Passion" according to Perspectopia


Brown Mountain, NC, 2016

Perspectopia, founded by Max Reisinger (now turning 18) is producing weekly (apparently Sundays) videos about content creation from its contributors.

Here’s a sample, from Rachel, Ello, and Ysabel, all as filmers, editors and thumbnail creators, “How to Find Your Passion” (44 min). One of them is from France (where Max went to high school for a year).

They describe spending hours to produce a few seconds of animated content, when they sometimes haven’t decided what kind of final product they want.

The video title reminds of Harvard student John Fish saying that to get into Harvard, the most important thing is to find and state your passion.

Max’s most recent video was about applying to Stanford, and there were a couple from Boulder CO, so I am not sure what comes next.

Personally, I’d like to see something from that alien city drawing, maybe an animated movie set there, or maybe as a design on one of the clothing items.  I think Perspectopia is actually a name already given to an extrasolar planet thought to be habitable to life. 

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